from the day we decided to visit some nuns

i love it that we love to explore new places. and sometimes it happens just by browsing books.
this place in particular, we found on a book featuring works by architect fernado távora.
we noticed the location was rather close to my house and i had never seen it before. so naturally the very next morning we were driving to see it.
as soon as we stepped inside the gate, i was impressed by the beautifully mantained gardens that led to the actual building.
inside, the nuns who run the school were so nice to us as they showed the entire school and its chappel.
little trips like this make my heart warm :)

i always find it strange and delightful to get different colors on photos taken at the same place, at the same time...


  1. I love the last two for the exact same reason you wrote :-)

  2. thank you. the first one is very beautiful!

  3. Anonymous21/12/11

    I like you photographing this little detail (the window). It gives the building a peculiar touch and it's the main reason to photograph it, I think. + You're right about the colours!