bye bye marseille

late last night my dreams of going to marseille were crushed.
i had already booked the flights for me and tó, several months ago, (after all ithe trip was his birthday present) for the 26th of january.
however, the university scheduled the presentation of my master's thesis for the 27th   :(
the thought of going to marseille warmed my heart even more than the trip to paris.
it was something brand new to me, a complete discovery... france by the sea!
i might have to hurt my savings again... 

p.s. - finding a letter from polly with the prints she made out of my old family negatives put a smile on my face! thank you ever so much dear polly :)


  1. I'm sorry your trip was cancelled :( Of course however, you could also go to Marseille in the summer (it is so beautiful with the blue sky!)
    The photos are wonderful, did you take them? <3

  2. The second picture is gorgeous. I'm sorry for your trip, but congrats on finishing you Master's thesis :)

  3. lidya - yes i did. last february in paris

    emilia - thanks! it's a bittersweet moment...

  4. I'm very sorry about your trip. :(
    I hope you can go sometime after your presentation.

  5. oh no :-( this is terrible.
    how can they just tell you with such a little notice?

  6. You can return a next time to Marseille, next to my home ^^ Congrats for your master's thesis :)

  7. This is very unfortunate that you have to cancel your flight. Marseille is certainly very beautiful - it's on my wish list near the top. Maybe it works but still sometime this year.

  8. hopefully you will hve the chance to go again soon! beautiful photos by the way, and good luck with master's!

  9. Sorry about your trip! I've never been on Marseille, but it's on my list too... hope you can visit some time soon!
    Ps: nice shots!

  10. amazing second picture!