it has been a good weekend. 
on saturday we went to the gardens of  'palácio de cristal' to walk around, see the romantic museum and then do a little work on the library.
we saw all the usual characers - lovely ducks, seaguls, and lots and lots of peacocks, but it was so sunny we didn't really make it to the library. instead we walked for hours thoughout the city like two turists. and it always feels so good :)
today's my dad's birthday. we went over to his house for lunch, i gave him two prints i made out of polly's scans, and he loved it. he had never seen those photos and he even recognized his grandmother's dog in them.
on the way back home we stopped at a beautiful location we had visited briefly before, but when we got ther it was already dark... we'll shall go again!


  1. awww you gave your father my prints! I am flattered :-)

    I love the photo of the seagull especially!
    it is so beautiful, it looks like summer there!

    p.s. guess what, I am listening to noiserv on spotify right now and I am really into it! :-)

  2. i kept for myself your prints, and had made new ones for him :)

    these photos were actually taken last june... but they do have a similar feel to saturday. i took some photos yesterday, but haven't finished the roll yet :)

    i'm glad you enjoyed my reference

  3. nice photos..love the one with the seagull...and the scans of the old negatives were lovely..i'm sure they made a beautiful gift.

  4. hello
    you're here http://www.pierreprospero.com/blog/
    with all my love

  5. That sounds like a nice weekend. The views of the city is magnificent.

    Have a good start at the week!

  6. This looks a really good day. I love the birds.

  7. such a lovely sight <3

  8. love the last one especially!