fat benny

benny  has been a great company these days.
he keeps me warm in these cold days, sleeping next to me while i work.
i love it when he dreams. he makes funny sounds and his wiskers move really fast.
he's been eating more than usual lately, and he's already chubby to begin with... i might have to put him on some sort of diet.
7kg of cat... that's a lot of benny to love :)


  1. Benny is so cute.He looks all serious in the first:)

  2. he's lovely! perfect chubby tigercat - they are the best! ♥♥ he reminds me a little of the cat i had growing up - we called him nedly - and he was 12kg!! loads of cat to love! although he was not really chubby, and the vet told us he was not overweight - just a really big cat :)

  3. Lovely cat ! 7kg of <3 ! :)

  4. awww so beautiful, Benny!
    please do not put him on a diet.
    my Tove is fat too, but I keep on feeding her as much ;-)
    she also makes funny noises when she dreams!

  5. I love chubby cats :-)
    great portraits of him!

  6. great pictures!

    I thought exactly the same at first!
    "30 seconds of film per roll of film? how awfully expensive!"
    then I saw all these amazingly beautiful movies produced by the lomokino, and I just had to have one, no matter the costs.
    since you choose your moments, a roll of film isn't finished as quickly as one might expect.

    all the footage in the movie were made using just ONE single roll of film.
    still, some of the images were used more than once.
    wow, this turned out to be a quite long post, but uhm yeah, I can totally recommend the lomokino! great fun.
    (and thanks a lot!)

  7. thank you so much for the nice comments.
    benny is the perfect cat, chubby and all :)

    polly - i don't think i can actually put him on a diet. seeing an empty bowl kills me...
    i love the name 'tove' :)

    krille - when i heard 30 secs of film per roll i got scared, but knowing you did the video with a single roll, makes me think about getting one :)

  8. A cute cat. :) I like his eyes - they are wonderful.

  9. beautiful portraits of your lovely cat :)

  10. Anonymous24/1/12

    lovely photos !