a private concert

last night was quite surprinsing.
after a family dinner at tó's, we met some of his friends at a local restaurant. next to our table was luísa sobral, a lovely new portuguese singer,  antónio zambujo and a few other musicians / friends.
they were asked by the shameless owner (who's quite the character) to sing at the restaurant. 
i was completely stunned by luisa's voice. it's even softer and more beautiful than on the album.
everytime i hear her i feel just like when i travel. that quiet happiness invades my heart.
i also gained knowledge of antónio zamujo, whom i had never heard before...
the musical surprise combined with a good amount of cheap white wine made for a wonderful evening.
a proper way to celebrate this saturday :)


  1. great :-) I will check those artists out!

    p.s. what is that incredible building in the photograph? well, it's more than one building I guess, but they look like they belong together...

    1. i think antónio only sings in portuguese... maybe you'll still like it!
      those are standard houses in downtown porto! they're beautiful :)

  2. wow! such a lovely surprise! and i agree that that building is just gorgeous - i caught myself imagining what it might be like to have an apartment there behind one of those lovely windows, with the light coming in... little weekday fantasies ;)

    1. i don't know a single person who wouldn't want to live in one of those houses :)

  3. great surprise and lovely voice indeed!
    happy new week to u!