blissful sunday

today was nothing short of blissful.
i woke up to a sunny day and decided to have a picnic on the gardens of serralves.
the sun was shinning strong (20ºC!!!), the sky was a strong blue and not a cloud in sight, just like ti was when i took these photos.
we ate, took pictures and strolled throught the many different gardens there.
coincidentally, beautiful sara was also there, with a friend, and in the midst of fondling two cute little lambs, she told us about the inside of the main house.
i'm thankfull i finally visited it. it was simply beautiful and majestic. giant windows with marvellous views to the gardens. mirrors and marble stone were a constant inside the house.

as i arrived home i saw polly had posted the photos of the old family negatives i had sent her!
thank you so much polly bird 


  1. It looks like a beautiful day.

  2. 20 degrees ! incredible !
    I like the second portrait.

  3. I am afraid I will also have to comment about the 20 degrees - considering that we have -8 at the moment and it's snowing.
    I am so jealous! :-D

    I am truly happy you like the photographs :-) !

  4. yes, 20ºC is amazing! it is the first time january feels like a spring month :)

    polly - i have never experienced temperatures below zero... -8ºC seems a bit harsh, but i guess snow makes it all better :)