a lovely day and a broken zenit

yesterday was an eventful day.
after running some errands early in the morning, we wen't to palácio de cristal and its library.
it's my favourtie library to be in. it has the perfect atmosphere, even though it lacks in architecture books. and you get to be surrounded by lovely gardens and animals.
we found the most perfect book for an architect turist in lisbon. and i'm guessing we'll be needing it some time soon!
i saw a lot of peacocks, males and females. their feather weren't as magestic as they ar ein the summer, but they're beautiful to look at none the less.

and to top it all off, i slipped in wet pavement, flown in the air and fell, and broke his zenit along with it... now it doesn't fire at all :(
let's hope the last one doesn't happen again today!


  1. oh... i am so sorry about the zenit. can it be fixed?
    beautiful tones, always, in your photos.

  2. hope the Zenit gets well soon. peacocks are funny lovely birds:).

  3. oh no :-( the zenit :-(

  4. oh no my heart is with you - i know how it is, to loose a beloved zenit!
    it was a month ago that i had to say goodbye to mine and i am still mourning the loss :(

  5. i love peacocks. that top shot is beautiful!

  6. I should stop here more often. Your pictures are so unique and agile.

  7. so sorry for the zenit :(
    and those peacocks are just so precious.
    i think you should take pictures of them more often, they're a perfectly styled homme models! haha :)

  8. Look at those vibrant colours! absolutely wonderful.

    omg i'm with you, so sorry about losing your zenit. hope you're okay after slipping down too! i always feel so low whenever my slr cameras just doesn't seem to be co-operating with me sometimes.

  9. thanks you guys!

    celsee - weirdly i didn't hurt myself at all... just the zenit :(

  10. these are beautiful, love the first one!

    so sad to hear about your zenit. i should use mine more often, i really should. they're lovely cameras

  11. I love the peacocks but i'm sad for your zenit !
    I broke a piece of my canon ae-1 yesterday, i was unlucky too this weekend :(

  12. Hi Joana, your blog is so beautiful :)