thank you polly!

today, as i got home, i frantically opened my mail box.
i was expecting a letter from polly, and today, there it was!
beautiful envelope, with drawing and an unsual stamp.
inside there were two lovely postcards of birds (thanks for my favorite!) with the cutest handwritting i've ever seen, a leaf, a moomin (i think i have to revisit some memories, as i only recall seing it on tv as a kid) and a delicious candy!

i love having penpals :)
polly, i'll mail you soon*

 visit polly here, and see beautiful photos 


  1. Having penpals is something wonderful -specially when they send you such lovely things!!

  2. I love to have penpals. It makes fun of other corners of the world to receive mail.

  3. Oh Joana :-) I am so happy you've posted my letter in your beautiful blog! :-) I am glad you appreciate my hand writing too, which I believe to be a little bit childish still ;-)

    p.s. about moomins: you can find comic books, tv episodes and novels. I recommend especially the novels. they are easy to read and beautiful, as every story for children should be, but they're also deep and full of significance, since they are not simply children's book ;-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moomin

  4. marguerite - yes it is :)

    kristen - absolutely. i think it makes it that more special when there's a distance between countries involved.

    polly - you're welcome :)i shall dig into some moomins novels soon!

  5. Oh it's lovely :)

  6. Ohh how pretty, especially the birds and the dried leaf!

  7. This is an incredible package exchange! :O

    I love Polly's handwriting!

  8. i always get excited whenever i see an envelope on my mailbox. comments and emails are fine, but having a little piece of paper with lovely words on it so much more precious :)