coimbra's botanical garden

when we visited coimbra, i insisted we'd pass through the botanical garden, even if it was just for a little while.
it was indeed a beautiful place to visit, but i have to confess i was disppointed to find a lot of areas were closed. 
this beautiful structure was one of them. you could see through the wood gaps, a forest growing beyond its capacity. 
the old stone structures and objects were stunning. they looked and felt old. 
stoned pathways, gates, windows, niches... all added to the romanticism of that place.


  1. oh no, why was it closed? I always end up thinking that the most interesting places are the ones that are unreachable somehow!

  2. i don't know exactly why it was closed. it just was...
    i feel the same way. maybe because when you don't get to experience something, you fantasize and build up on that image.