the golden only lasted a few days.
it's back to cold and wet.
the soft, yet bright, omnipresent light can still be enjoyed though.

may god have mercy on the guy that gives me back my negatives! it's been two and half weeks closed since i left them there... and it's still closed...


  1. we have the same weather situation here...
    the second photo is incredible! where is that place?
    p.s. some labs are terrible when it comes to develop stuff, I feel for you :-(

  2. thanks polly!
    i took it inside the city of culture, in santiago de compostela, spain, in a field trip from college. it was still in the process of construction, hence all the metal still visible :)

  3. wow, this is so beautiful ! I mean, I'm not sure I would like the architecture in real, but in the pictures it looks surreal.

  4. The second picture is awesome !
    I hope we can see your new captures soon :)

  5. eilwen - i'm not a fan of this architecture either, but it was a good experience to see it in construction and i got to take a few good photos :)

  6. really futuristic constructions with scifi atmosphere and the colors support this. i like the odd feeling in the pictures.