buçaco, i'm coming!

tomorrow morning we leave for a little road trip.
we'll stop at the woods and palace of buçaco, first.
 i'm expecting it to be a little like the gardens i saw in tivoli, italy, where the lucious, wild, green flora meets beautiful and elaborated architecture.
i wanted to go there in autumn, and be envolved in lovely warm orange tones. 
but, although it is indeed autumn, i belive i'll see all green around me.
it will be grand either way!



  1. tá prvá mi pripomína jeden park na mallorce :P :)

  2. oh, you've reminded me how i miss the days i spent in rome and its magical sunsets.
    i'm sure you'll have a great time! looking forward to see the photos... beautiful ones, as usual! :)

  3. Green is beautiful too, The autumn is late this year :)

  4. have a nice trip :-) cannot wait to see the photographs you'll take. I am sure I am going to love them, as always!

  5. Have a safe trip! Ohh your photos have such a poetic feel to them. I love the light and the shadows in the last photo.