my dad's zoology book, dated 1967, and its beautiful illustrations.
i'm glad i found it, accidentaly, while reorganizing the inumerous books hidden in the bookcase compartiments.
it's still as good as new, with a few annotations and drawings my father made, but it has that incredible smell of old books, which i love.
a good distraction from the overwhelming smell of paint and diluent in my house.


  1. oh! I am such a fan of old books!

  2. my mother have similar ones. i was always scared of them when i was a kid, but i couldn't let them be anyway...

  3. polly - so am i! specially those who have worn yellow pages :)

    maja - i guess i'd be too if i saw them as a kid :)

  4. These are very cool. I'd be tempted to make a copy of some pages to frame.

  5. Ahhh this is so so beautiful, i'm a huge fan of anatomical drawings especially form old books! I've already collected a few just for collections. Such great find :)

  6. hm lovely old !

    does it have nice paper?

  7. I just found your blog via Kristina…..I am so glad i did! I had to comment on this too as I recently posted the very same thing about finding my Dad's old college books! Small blog world isn't it!
    I love your photography…….
    best wishes from France!