buçaco in a few words

i'm back from the road trip and i miss being surrounded by nature already.
buçaco was all i expected and then more.
the sun was blazing above 40ºC that day, but the dense flora made it a pleaseant trip.
we walked through three of the six listed paths - some paved, some not. 
and were graced with views of two lakes, a few big squirrels, a white swan and a black swan, mini trees that resembled palm trees, fish, a huge amount of insects, lots and lots of little old chapels on a path that took us 800m up, and a panoramic glare at the whole environment with the palace.
the palace itself was exquisite, with lost of intricate details. 
something that caught my eye was the setting of some tables on a balcony overlooking the loveliest of gardens.
the weaved furniture, with all white apparel and the cristal clear glasses againts that aged rock was just sublime...
i can't wait to have my films developed!


  1. I look forward to photos

  2. 40 degrees? at this point I am quite jealous :-) I also cannot wait to see the photographs!

  3. yes! 40ºC! it has been consistently like that, in portugal, but only in places that aren't by the sea. today things are beggining to change, though... i woke up with fog outside :)