more than twenty days have passed since my last post.
i really feel like i have no time for anything lately...

but that's not entirely true since i went last weekend to berlin. 
it was my first time in germany. and i loved feeling like a real turist again :)

i turned 27 on the 17th and tó gave me a smartphone - i guess he had it with hearing me sigh for an instagram account... haha. so now that i finally have one, feel free to follow me :)

but for the moment i'd like to share some photos of the 2nd castle we visited in the loire region - chenonceau.
ever since i saw a photo of this bridge-castle on the internet i knew i had to see it!

it was quite a gloomy day, but its gardens were kind of magical. we wandered around outside just until it started pouring rain... then it was time to enter in this unique castle :)


  1. gosto gosto gosto!!!

  2. beautiful photographs, I love the symmetry of them, they drag me back into winter time. Belated Happy birthday for the 27th!

  3. the first two pictures have that gloomy touch that i like. number four is a postcard. beautiful castle!
    i'll be waiting for the berlin rolls, i really like the city :)

  4. Welcome to the 27-year-old party, dear Joana!
    I'm glad to hear you've been traveling and enjoying Berlin - a city that I still have to visit.
    Now, these photographs are gorgeous and inspiring. I absolutely love them!

  5. Happy belated anniversary!
    I'll be in Berlin next month, if u have any nice tips...? :)
    Would love to visit this castle as well, it looks magical!

  6. The castle is beautiful...and your images too.
    And happy belated birthday:-)

  7. Castelos tão lindos <3

    Suspiro por algum turismo...

  8. it looks really gloomy with that weather! But beautiful too!

  9. Happy birthday, dear! Twice I was in France so far. The first time I visited the first castle, which you showed. The second time - last year - I visited this castle. It's beautiful. It looks as teem not so many tourists, as you have been there. Or deceives? In the summer it was full of tourists.

    What was it like in Berlin? I hope you had a nice time!

  10. Anonymous30/3/14

    this is always so interesting and cool: seeing how other people see your own country. well, i'm not technically from germany, but i live there right now (two train hours from berlin actually :) ) and i'm half german. i love your photographs. and your whole blog, which i'm going to explore a little further now (:

  11. gardens always look so magically beautiful on gloomy days ♥
    the fourth photo is wonderful, joana!