in my last post i had said we had done a little trip to a couple of castles.
i finally got the photos back (well some of them)
and thus i'm sharing them with you.

this is château de chambord. we got there only an hour and a half before closing time, but it was time enought to be overwhelmed.

i think i went a little overboard with the photos of the towers, but i took them as we walked through the different paths of the castle. from any point in the castle you were led to a gallery that overlooked the enumerous towers, as well as the courtyard. there was a stunning staircase in double spiral with zenital light that i didn't manage to capture well on film...

still i think you can get a glimpse of the intricate castle of chambord from these :)


  1. Dear Joana, I am enchanted by these photos of yours! What an incredibly beautiful place!

  2. I was there three years ago and I love this castle. I love the towers and the spiral staircases.

  3. Beautiful place and I love the towers! They look magical!

  4. Outro conto de fadas...estes castelos são completamente distintos dos que temos em Portugal!
    Adoro os cinzas nestas fotos- torna tudo mais misterioso e apetecível :)

  5. wonderful pictures! the first one and the last one specially!