after completely forgetting i once had a blog, here i am again.
in the months and months since, i have enjoyed life!
i've taken advantage of my love for travelling and seeing new places, whether it means taking a plane to paris or just crusing around my hometown.

and here i am, after all that time, writting this down, sitting in my couch, while trying to heal a really bad sunburm - the result of yesterdays exploration. it hurts, but it is so worth visiting drave! i've wanted to go there since november and finally yesterday was the day. trekking through miles and miles, up and down a mountain and finally seeing the beautifully forgotten drave. it was breathtaking. the best part? enjoying the wonderful, crystal clear, lagoon in drave in a sunny day!


  1. i am so happy to see you back <3
    and i hope that sunburn is feeling a bit softer in the morning!