back from rome

i loved my time in rome. not only did i get to see my best friend, but i also got to travel around rome and see new things. and it didn't rain.

day 1: went to the outskirts of rome with my 2 friends, to visit their project site. got to take a few pictures i'm really loking forward to see.

day 2: since my friends had classes all day, i decided to go entirely by foot, from their house to caracalla therms, and then to via appia antica, and then back to meet them at college. beautiful place to walk, but not the best idea to walk exactly 12hours without a single stop... a total of 33km, according to google earh.

day 3: visited tivoli. it's very deacyed, howver, the two villas are breathtaking. i specially liked villa gregoriana, with it's wild nature and beautiful waterfalls. villa d'este was gorgeous too.

day 4: wnetot o castel gandolfo. the landscape was stunning. gorgeous lake and green mountains. the village in itslef, while beautiful, was really small. so we decidided to walk towards the village next to it on the map - albano. again... not the best idea, it looked closer than it actually was and when we got there it was virtually ghost town. we walked throught the whole village looking for a place to eat. finally we found a place with nothing but pizzas, ate quickly and headed back to castel gandolfo to catch the train.

day 5: the last day. just a lazy day going through my favourite piazzas. campo di fiori being one them. i went in the morning to catch the market. it was a beautiful sight to see. the builings mixed with every kind of fruit and vegetable and the italians yelling, all at the same time, trying to allure clients.

at the end of day 5 i went to the airport, since my flight was at 6am and it would be hard to catch it on time using the night bus. lots of unslept hours taking to an argentinian girl who's studying in spain, and an italican guy who's living in london.

got back ome exhausted but with an urge to travel again.
next stop will  surely de paris in the beggining of 2011.
still have to get my rolls of film developed, buti felt like being inside today. just me and the cat, whom i missed terribly

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