rome in 8 days

8 days from today i'll be in rome, yet again. it's always a good idea to travel wherever you have friends living. last year my boyfried and 3 other friends were studyig in rome, thanks to the erasmus studant exchange program. i visited rome twice. this year, two of my best friends are also there.
on this trip i plan on visiting sites i haven't on the 2 trips i did before. the 'caracala terms', and the 'via appia antica' and it's catacombs, in rome. and outside of rome the cities of 'tivoli' and 'anticoli corrado'. i just hope the weather cooperates...


  1. lovely!! i cannot wait to see what photographs you bring back to share with us here :)

    i love your blog. so pretty in a peaceful pastel way. it makes me calm and dreamy. thank you for that.

  2. I studied in Rome for 3 months a few years ago...it's such an intense city, but I look back on that time as one of the most amazing opportunities ever.

  3. i believe you. i had the opportunity of visiting rome 3 times, and loved it every time. the streets are just full of character. everything transpires beauty.