last year silvia was my partner in crime. whether it meant sharing secrets or concerns, or exploring some unkown, beautiful, place i had only heard of.
our biggest adventure was finding this bizarre stone house and its surroundings.
i remember that day like it was today.the 3 of us in her car, completely in awe with what we were seeing. after admiring the house,and pick-nicking, we got in the car and saw wild horses. and bulls.
after stopping n 3 oter places we finally got home, exhausted and thrilled about the journey we had taken on.

this year she's in rome. she'll be back at the end of july.
i miss her.


  1. I like the vibes and the atmosphere of the pictures!

  2. What a lovely place and a story. Happy to see that house.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. oh sílvia is a truly adorable friend. i miss her too!

    i must go to that place too and get to know that cute stone house. maybe this summer!

  4. oh, where is this place? i want to go there too, it looks just amazing. and beautilfully captured as well.

  5. thank you!
    it's near fafe, portugal. a beautiful place, untouched, except for the wind turbines.

  6. what an incredible day! that house is amazing. How perfect.