sunshine award from polly

a week has passed and i haven't done much of anything. 
just commuting between my house and tó's, and working the last mile to finish my portfolio.

polly sent me a sunshione award (thank you polly!). you're supposed to answer a few facts and tag five other bloggers you enjoy.

favorite color: green
favorite animal: cats and chimpanzees
favorite non-alcoholic drink: water
facebook or twitter: facebook
getting or giving presents: both
favorite flower: daisies
favorite pattern: dots and flowers
passion: traveling
favorite number: i don't have one...

the five (or seven) blogs i'd like to share are:    aprons and birds   .   painted by the sun   .   mdmslle   .   passerat   .   li + belle   .   joanna ludwisiak   .   6x6 life

i don't really like to tag people, but if you read this and would like to partake in the sunshine awards, feel free to answer those little facts :)


  1. where's your portfolio? :>

    1. my portfolio isn't anywhere yet. but i'm talking about my architecture portfolio - the one i'll use to get a job :)

    2. i'm building my portfolio on blogger. it's very easy. :>
      in this moment my portfolio is here: rafalputtkammer.com ;>

      thank u for watch!
      (and i'm sorry but my english is very, very bad)

  2. ❤ Wow, thank you so much! ❤

  3. Oh thank you so much. I am very pleased.♥

  4. I had a feeling that your favourite colour was green ;-)

  5. loving the tones in this photo!

  6. nice to read & a beautiful photograph!

  7. aww, thank you Joana !
    It's been a long time since the last time I checked your blog (busy traveling), so let's discover all the posts I missed :)

  8. thank you joana! i just realized i was tagged, i will answer for sure :) i'm very fond of your blog, as you hopefully know, so this made me very happy. i hope today will be a good day for you! /m

  9. aww, i'm there! you're the sweetest <3
    of course i'll do it :)

    (ps. i've been meaning to send you a little email, but couldn't find your address)