my grandmother passed away last wednesday.
it was somewhat unexpected as she was recovering extremely well from the stroke. in the end it was a lung infection she got at the hospital that proved to be stronger than her.

there are a few things i absolutely loved about her that i'd like to share:

.she live in the countryside and i've always called her 'avó dos mé-més' (something like 'baa baa grandma') because, as a little girl, i'd always see farm animals around her house
. she was feisty and witty and loved to talk
. she had the most amazing memory - she could tell you the entire history of portugal, street names from lyon and the bus lines she used to take there, back in the 70's, and so on.....   still at the age of 88!
. she always shared curious little details about personalities and places
. she was a very giving person
. 90% of my visits, she'd have giant underware out, hanging, to dry  :) she didn't mind i laughed
.she had the funniest facial and speech expressions 
. she would always have her pure white  hair up, in a braided bun
. she loved me and i love her


  1. I'm sorry about your loss Joana.
    By the way you described her, she was a beautiful person inside and out.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  2. so sorry to hear my dear - sending good thoughts your way too!

  3. your grandmother must have been an amazing person. your beautiful description of her honors her memory. i wish you strength. she will definitely be missed in this world.

  4. i am so sorry for your loss
    you are so right to think about everything you love about her.

  5. dear Joana,
    I am truly sorry to hear that.
    but you know what, she will never leave your heart, that is for sure.
    it was the same for my grandma, it has been more than 2 years now that she's passed away,
    but she has never left my heart nor my mind.
    you are carrying her inside.

  6. All my thoughts with you. Lot of love.

  7. I am very sorry for you. Cherish the good memories.

  8. my dear joanna, I am very sorry for your loss. I firmly think in you.

  9. i'm very sorry, joana.

  10. i feel so deeply for your loss dear joana. i am so glad you can remember these sweet and also humorous things about her - it is a beautiful kind of memorial. i love the little bit about the giant underwear, it gives me a smile, as i am sure it must for you, even in this hard time. i hope you will always think of the good things about your special relationship with this impressive-sounding lady.

  11. thank you all so much for the heart warming comments :)

  12. Oh dear Joana, I'm so, so sorry to hear the sad news. I believe that even though your beautiful grandma is not here in body, she will be next to you in spirit for always. :***

    Many hugs. xoxo

  13. that's a nice tribute to your grandma. Sorry for your loss...

  14. I'm sorry for your loss. She seemed like a wonderful human being. I hope you have many photos to remember her by.