maison louis carré

this was the first (and the only, unfortunately) alvar aalto building i've ever visited.

the trip to get there was full of little treasures. 
it was a charming place. it was really interesting and  a delight to see and 'live' the beautiful and cozy place, i that seen so many times in photos.

i've also booked the flight back home for the holidays. 
the idea of going to the north of europe has been taunting me for quite a while, but i guess i miss family and friends to much to not go home instead.

i'm hoping to return to paris in my car.
and i'm hoping that will be the begining of road trips in france and central europe :)


  1. Alvar Aalto's style is so recognizable! I like this house of his a lot and you've pictured it so well!
    Enjoy your time at home, dear Joana! Hopefully you'll plan your trip to Northern Europe next summer! :-)

  2. Perfection....
    Have a lovely time back home, Joanna!

    Also, I will be visiting Paris (for the 3rd time!) in August - if you have any recommendations for your favourite restaurants please let me know. :)

  3. The building looks interesting and familiar. Have fun at home, the North can wait.

  4. é linda essa casa :)

    boas férias em Portugal!

  5. I love this...feels usable and a bit utilitarian but also somewhere I wish I lived!

    Greta xoxo