hello world!

yesterday  (and after three weeks) i finally got internet, phone and tv service in the new apartment and i finally feel like part of the world.

it really makes an impact in your life not being able to contact with people outside your little work bubble!

we are now fully installed here, having bought the furniture and nic nacs for the house, even if the organisation is still a work in progress...

and yesterday morning we went for the first time (walking) to the flea market in montreuil and tó bought me this wonderful postcard i fell in love with - you can stare at it for hours and still find a different expression in every kid's face :)

and we had our first official dinner with friends yesterday night to celebrate my birthday !
it was wonderdul and i finally feel at home here in france :) 


  1. So glad to hear happy news... I'm sure your homeplace is lovely. And Happy Birthday to you ! Hope to see you very soon :)


  2. such wonderful news, dear Joana! I am so glad to hear you're finally feeling at home! :-)
    and the postcard is absolutely magnificent - you know how much I appreciate old photographs! and this one is a particularly fine one! good find, Tó!

  3. Parabéns atrasados Joana :)

    é tão importante ter 'um ninho' para onde se possa voltar ao fim do dia,especialmente quando se está tão longe*
    espero ver fotos em breve da casa :)

    o postal é lindo <3

  4. i'm happy for you joana. that is great news, it is so important to have an own, cosy little place to feel like home. and happy birthday (a little late)!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday..
    Best wishes for your new place,may it be cosy and everything nice:)

  6. It's nice to hear that you now feel at home in France. Arriving in a new homeland.