yesterday it was his birthday... and yet we have had no time to celebrate it... 

things have been particularly hectic the few past weeks - we keep getting up earlier and getting home later and later...

but on a bright side i've finally sent the letter to cancel the contract of this apartment, which means that in february we'll have  a space of our own, and a fifth person to ruin the whole mood of the house won't be a problem - this really has killed my happiness lately.
it will also be 'our' first apartment  :)
and... benny the cat will finally be living with me once again!

and i saw snow outside of my window for the 1st time in my life... and i felt as excited as a kid :)


  1. I am sorry to hear you've been having such hectic days... but on the other hands, you've written such good news! :-) I am sure the new place you'll have for yourself will make the things much easier! and it's so nice you'll be able to bring Benny with you too! I am so happy to hear this, really! :-)

  2. oh, dearest joana, i know how you feel :(
    and december certainly doesn't help to ease the hectic-ness out of things
    but a place of your own & snow & benny are wonderful things to look forward to, and a wonderful start for the new year ♥

  3. Best wishes for the "first apartment" :)
    Am happy for both of u and Benny too..
    oh and snow,how wonderful...no snowfall where i live:(

  4. Such pretty pictures, I hope your life calms down a bit eventually!

  5. oh, that's great news! congrats on your first apartment together, such a nice thing to look forward to!

  6. Super good news Joana !!! i'm happy and relieved for you both... A "new" life soon. Some litte patience still....

    Bisous & Happy New Year !

    Hope to catch you soon.

  7. good luck with your new place, and thanks for keeping up this nice blog :)
    happy 2013.

  8. AND i hope that your life will become a little less hectic this year.