parc de bagatelle

a coupe of weeks ago anabela decided it was time for us to go to parc de bagatelle. she had been there once before and knew i would love it.
so we did, and so i loved.

it was fantastic to be able to have a nice picnic in a beautiful parc that wasn't crowded. and right after we sat dows on the grass to eat the peacocks came to greet us - it really felt like i was back at porto at - the gardens of the cristal palace - but in a huge scale.

 and after there were the stunning gardens, mostly of roseries, of every color you can imagine, like flocks of color in the green grass.

and then there were the lovely structures - the pagodas and the metalic shelters... so delicate...

at the end we didn't get to see all of the garden, so a second visit is mandatory!

also, my mom told me that there are new born kitties at my aunts! it's almost a tradition - every summer and christmas that happens and i get to touch the most fragile cute kitties :)